Therms of delivery

General Conditions Citytrip Adventures (individual participants) All bookings will be accepted on the basis of these conditions and terms.

1. Confirmation and payment. A booking has been confirmed, only after receipt of an undersigned reservation form or confirmation of reservation. The down payment (non refundable) has to be credited to our bank or giro account no later than one week after the date of the invoice. Full payment has to be received by us no later than seven weeks before the beginning of the tour concerned. Failure to comply with these terms will be considered as a cancellation.

2. If a reservation is cancelled each cancelled participant will be charged for cancellation costs. The following terms are valid: a. on cancellation up to 56 days before the departure day: EUR 80,00 per person. b on cancellation less than 57 days and up to 28 days before departure: 25% of the travel sum c. on cancellation less than 29 days and up to 14 days before departure: 50% of the travel sum. on cancellation less than 15 days and up to 7 days before departure: 75% of the travel sume. on cancellation less than 8 days and up to the departure day: 90% of the travel sum f. on cancellation on the day the holiday starts or in case of ‘no show’: 100% of the travel sum.

3. Participants of bike and barge tours agree to observe the skipper’s orders for navigation and his rules for good sailing. Regulations affixed aboard the ship are to be observed as such. Participants accept responsibility for their actions for the duration of the tour.

4. During bike and barge tours the skipper is entitled to change the place of departure/ arrival according to his own judgement in case of heavy fog, stormy weather or other urgent circumstances. Citytrip Adventures nor the skipper will be held responsible for damages as a result of bad weather conditions to participants nor to their paraphernalia.

5. Participants of bike and barge tours will be liable for any wilful damage to the vessel and/ or to any third party. Third party insurance covers vessel and crew as well as passengers. Liability of participants is limited to any wilful damage not recoverable or not being reimbursed by the insurance company. The ‘own risk’ clause of the insurance policy is for account of participants.

6. Citytrip Adventures is not liable for damages suffered by participants, unless such damages are due to default or gross negligence. Nor is Citytrip Adventures liable for damages resulting subsequently.

7. Both parties of this contract are entitled to cancel this agreement immediately and without any legal consequences, only if either or both parties would fail to fulfil his obligation pertaining to this agreement not withstanding the right to claim full compensation. This clause is only valid if participants are not able to offer a reasonable alternative.

8. Any costs/expenses incurred as a result of default by either party will be due and payable immediately as compensation for resulting damages.

9. This agreement is governed by the law of the Netherlands. Any differences arising from this agreement are to be judged by the Court of Law at Amsterdam.

10. Important: If the insurance premium(s) has (have) been filled in, this reservation is also the insurance policy together with the insurance terms and conditions wich will be added to the travel documents. The participants will be insured according to the current conditions and with regard to the travel -insurance according to the specified combination. The chosen combination has to be mentioned on the reservation. In case of damage this insurance policy has to be submitted.

11. Citytrip Adventures is entitled to cancel any bike and barge tour at the latest 14 days before the departure date, if there are less than 15 participants booked. In the case of such a cancellation, participants will not be compensated for any damage that may have occurred because of this cancellation. Citytrip Adventures will only make a refund for any down payment that has been made for the tour concerned.